Kenyon Law - MA Commercial and Residential Landlords and Tenants in Eviction & Actions

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Kenyon Law - MA Commercial and Residential Landlords and Tenants in Eviction & Actions

We Represent Landlords and Tenants in Evictions and Actions

From lease agreements to tenant/landlord rights, our diligent team has vast experience with all areas of real estate law. It’s important that the rights of each party in this equation be protected and represented, and that’s where we come in. We can help with any of the following and more:

  • Evictions
  • Leases and agreements
  • Mediation
  • Property damage
  • Non-payment

Whether you are a renter that’s leasing an apartment or a landlord who rents out multi-family homes, there are many reasons why you would need experienced legal advice. Our landlord/tenant attorneys in New Hampshire and Massachusetts can take a look at your situation, determine your rights, and provide solutions on how to protect your interests.

As a landlord, you may need help with tax deductions or determining the best way to evict a renter due to unpaid rent. As a tenant, you may be concerned about unsafe living conditions or getting your security deposit returned. Navigating these issues on your own can have unsuccessful conclusions that not only waste time but resources as well.

Instead, rely on the attorneys at Kenyon Law to resolve your dispute or issue as quickly and as affordably as possible.

Practice Areas

Massachusetts Kenyon Law - Boston Residential Landlord Tenant Law

Residential Landlord Tenant Law

From security deposits to evictions, we represent clients on either side, helping them come to a fair and equitable conclusion in regards to residential properties. From multi-families to HOAs, we represent property managers, landlords and tenants with their legal disputes.

Massachusetts Kenyon Law - Boston Commercial Landlord Tenant Law

Commercial Landlord Tenant Law

Commercial landlord tenant law is vastly more complex and complicated than residential, due to the sheer size and reach of our clients. We bring the experience needed to properly represent our commercial landlords and tenants throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Massachusetts Kenyon Law - Boston Criminal Defense Law

Criminal Defense Law

Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of criminal defense in MA and NH. We are committed to protecting the rights of defendants and helping them build their cases. We can craft your legal defense, navigate jury selection, negotiate plea bargains, and advocate for you at trial.

Massachusetts Kenyon Law - Boston Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Kenyon Law is your trusted real estate law firm in MA and NH. Our attorneys will represent your interests at closing, review all paperwork, advise on any problems or omissions with documentation, and address issues regarding deeds, property taxes, zoning, and titles.

Massachusetts Kenyon Law - Boston Election Law

Election Law

Our election law attorneys solve legal issues surrounding political campaigns as well as the election process. From campaign compliance to violation of election regulations, we can make sure your best interests are taken into account as a local or regional political leader.

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