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Here at Kenyon Law, we truly care about our clients. Whether you’re a landlord with a tenant dispute or you’re facing a real estate or criminal law matter, we give you our utmost attention to your case from start to finish. Led by experienced attorney Keith Kenyon, Kenyon Law – based in Revere MA -- proudly serves clients throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire with the following:

Massachusetts Kenyon Law - Keith Kenyon, Esq.

Offering free consultations by a friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can rest easy knowing we’re on your side. From lease agreements to criminal cases, we’ve got your back from the initial claim through negotiations and trial, if need be. Get peace of mind with us on your side.

Our willingness to listen with a compassionate ear, our excellent communication skills, our extensive knowledge of the law and our passion for the job are all reasons why clients just like you have chosen Kenyon Law time and time again. If you’re in need of landlord tenant, criminal defense, real estate or election law assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today at (617) 410-9200.

Rest assured, we offer free, confidential consultations.

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